William & Mary FGLI (First-Generation, Low-Income Students)

FGLI is a student organization tasked at supporting first-generation, low-income college students, specifically at William & Mary. According to William & Mary, a first-generation college student is an individual whose parents/guardians have not obtained a four-year degree.

FGLI strives to build an inclusive and dynamic community where first-generation, low-income students are celebrated as an underrepresented group. To achieve this goal, FGLI holds biweekly workshops and empowerment sessions. Academic workshops range from major selection to class registrations––so that FGLI students are well-equipped to succeed on campus. Conversely, empowerment sessions are community-based conversations that enable students to have a sense of community.

Our FGLI goals include advocacy, mentorship, leadership, development, and a sense of belonging and inclusion in our campus.

The following is our infrastructure:

  • The FGLI Collaboration, Support and Advocacy Council
  • Nearly 200 faculty and staff mentors and coaches
  • FGLI empowerment sessions
  • FGLI Workshops and panel discussions
  • Advising of the FGLI recognized student organization
  • First-year experience FGLI programming
  • FGLI Leadership Development programming
  • Email newsletter

It is important to note that William & Mary has the highest median income and the lowest proportion of Pell Grant students of all public colleges in the country. As seen with the most recent US News & World Report Rankings (2020), “social mobility” is not currently our strength as an institution.

We want to change this– FGLI Students of William & Mary will provide support, programming, and community to this special group of students. While we don’t have the ability to enroll more first-generation/low-income college students, this group *does* have the ability to provide much needed support to these students at William & Mary.